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South Island Saskatoons
1245 Fisher Road, Cobble Hill
U-pick is over for 2019!
$15/pail (about 6 lbs)
U-pick season starts around July 1st
South Island Saskatoon Products
We take pride in our selection of quality Saskatoon Berry products. 

We provide a variety of products including:
If you have any question concerning any of our products, 
please don't hesitate to contact us. 
Frozen (year round)/fresh (until July 17) Saskatoon Berries
5 lb bag - $20
2 lb bag - $10
1 lb bag - $5
Pie - by the slice - summer months only
$4.00 or, with ice cream - $4.50
Saskatoon Berry Syrup
$7.00 for 250 ml
Saskatoon Berry Jam or Jelly
$7.00 for 250 ml
Saskatoon Berry Pie - available year round
Frozen, ready to bake - $15.00
9" pie
Traditional crust always available
Saskatoon Berry Bubbly (non-alcoholic) 
$12.00 / 750 ml bottle   

Saskatoon Berry Topping - 4 litre pail - $32.00/ 4 cup tub - $10.00
Great for pie filling, tarts, crisps, turnovers, on danish, ice cream or in a smoothie!
1 lb fresh Saskatoon Berries - $5.00
Available approx. July 1st
Saskatoon Berry Crumb Pie - $15.00
9" pie
(limited quantities)
Scones - $7.00  
Package of 4 giant scones
Shortbread Tarts w/ Saskatoon Berry Filling - $7.00   (18/bag)      
Single Serving Saskatoon Berry Pie - $7.00
3 per clamshell      
3 Year old Northline Saskatoons - sold out
2 Year old Northline Saskatoons - sold out
(limited quantities)
Should have available in June

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Saskatoon Berry Popsicle - $2.00
100% Saskatoon berry juice

If you want to ensure some of our baking is available, you can call ahead and order it (250-743-9464).  Give us two days notice, if possible and we will get your item ready for you to pick up!
Berry picking harness  (black) - $35.00
Hands-free picking
Adjustable for waist and height
Comfort strip for behind your neck
Fits most ice cream pails and many others!

Tea - small $10, large $15
We are carrying Saskatoon Berry Tea from Queen Bee Farms in two sizes
Large bag makes 30 to 35 cups
This is a black tea