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South Island Saskatoons
1245 Fisher Road, Cobble Hill
U-pick is over for the season! It usually starts by around July 1st.  If you want notice, you can sign up for an email notification.
South Island Saskatoon Products
We take pride in our selection of quality Saskatoon Berry products. 

We provide a variety of products including:
If you have any question concerning any of our products, 
please don't hesitate to contact us. 
Frozen/fresh (in season only) Saskatoon Berries
5 lb bag - $20
1 lb bag - $10
1 lb bag - $5
Pie - by the slice - summer months only
$4.00 or, with ice cream - $4.50
Saskatoon Berry Syrup
$7.00 for 250 ml
Saskatoon Berry Jam or Jelly
$7.00 for 250 ml
Saskatoon Berry Pie - available year round
Frozen, ready to bake - $15.00
Traditional crust always available
Saskatoon Berry Bubbly (non-alcoholic) 
$12.00 / bottle
We accept cash or credit card only! We do not have a debit card machine.

Pets welcome!

Saskatoon Berry Topping - available now!
4 litre pail - $32.00/ 4 cup tub - $10.00
Great for pie filling, tarts, crisps, turnovers, on danish, ice cream or in a smoothie!
1 lb fresh Saskatoon Berries - $5.00

Saskatoon Berry Crumb Pie - $15.00
(limited quantities)
Scones - $7.00  
Package of 4 giant scones
Shortbread Tarts w/ Saskatoon Berry Filling - $7.00         
Single Serving Saskatoon Berry Pie - $7.00
3 per clamshell      
4 Year old Northline Saskatoons - SOLD OUT
1 Year old Northline Saskatoons - SOLD OUT
Saskatoon Berry Popsicle - $2.00
100% Saskatoon berry juice

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