Monty & Sharon Vanhouwe
Phone 250-743-9464

South Island Saskatoons
1245 Fisher Road, Cobble Hill
Hours of Operation
The U-pick is done for 2021! 

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us during this U-pick season!

We had some of the nicest berries on offer ever!  That means we did manage to put up a nice frozen crop of bagged berries that should last until the next U-pick season in 2022!

Frozen berries are available in 5 lb bags for $20, 2.2 lb (1kg) bags for $10 and one pound bags for $5, year round!

We can accept cash, credit card and debit.​
We are open 9-5 daily!

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We also have available:

Jam, jelly and syrup
Frozen ready-to-bake pies
Baking - pies, scones, tarts, single serve pies, cinnamon buns
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